Every Last Biscuit on tour

Every Last Biscuit on tour

By Lytisha Tunbridge

Full of the excitement of the successful launch of Every Last Biscuit, I decided that it was the time to branch out and take myself, and my pamphlet on tour. Abroad.

So, just before Christmas I hopped on a train over to Brussels and secured myself a slot at Speakeasy, the monthly spoken word event.
I happened on the Christmas Special so the event was somewhat larger than normal and there were about 150 people packed into the basement of the Piano Factory, now a collection of artistic spaces.
I was greeted on arrival by the irrepressible Mixy who was one of the compares for the evening, and Helene from the group Mididelapoesie, who interpret poems though films. We had a good chat and discussed diy poets and I invited them to get in touch with the group should any be over this way.
There was a vibrant mix of people of all ages and backgrounds performing in different styles. It was a game of three halves with a musical act to conclude. Sound a familiar format?
This being Brussels, it was a tri-lingual event. Having used all my French introducing myself, then concluding by thanking them for having me in Spanish (Not one of the 3 tri-lingual languages, but daftly my default ‘foreign’ language when under pressure). I read in English. Other performances were in a mixture of Dutch, French and English. There was a very positive audience and acts varied from classic poetry, through raps to duologues and dance. A very lively evening.
I would highly recommend Speakeasy to any poets heading out to Brussels (While we still can). You can get in touch with them on facebook.
If you’d like a copy of Every Last Biscuit, you don’t need to go to Brussels, you can either get it at Five Leaves Bookshop, or stop me for one when you see me.

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